5 Tips for Finals

Final exams are here. Since they can’t be avoided, we can only make the best of them. We know you’re short on time, so here are 5 quick tips to making the final exam period more bearable.

1. Find something to laugh about.

Finals are stressful, but it’s okay to lighten up! Whether it’s a Studio C lawyer episode or law school humor boards on Pinterest, finding something to make you laugh can prevent you from becoming too stressed to be productive. When you’re feeling overwhelmed, try finding something funny to laugh at for a few minutes. We recommend this particular Studio C skit.

2. Switch up your study location. 

Do you lose focus after being in one place for too long? Does studying in a library full of your classmates make you feel more anxious? Find places to study where you feel most effective. Switch up your location from time to time if it helps you focus better. Don’t feel that you need to study in the same place as everyone else.

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3. Treat others kindly.

It’s easy to get so caught up with all you have to do that you forget that others need your kindness just as much as you need theirs. Whether it’s fellow classmates, roommates, family, or the checker at the grocery store, remember that everyone else has their own difficulties. Strive to treat others with the empathy and kindness you need right now.

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4. Remember finals will end.

When the final exam period feels unbearable, remember it is a trial with a very clear expiration date. Use that fact to help you stay motivated to keep working and to give you comfort that you won’t have to feel this way forever.

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5. Don’t give up your good habits.

If you’re in the habit of eating healthy, don’t stop now! While you’ll probably find yourself limiting entertainment, social media usage, and other behaviors that you can do without, don’t stop doing the essential things. Taking care of yourself should be a big priority; it will help you do and feel better as you take your exams.

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