Day in the Life of a 2L/JAG Student: Nathan Kinghorn

My name is Nathan Kinghorn, and I am a second-year law student at BYU.

I am a husband and dad of two kids. I have a position with the Air Force JAG Corps as soon as law school is over.

Learn more about what a typical day in law school is like for me below.

Q: Though law school can often be difficult, what are the rewarding aspects? What motivates you to put in the hard work?

Nathan: At first I was really motivated to get a job to support my family. Now that I have a job secured after graduation, it is a sense of pride that motivates me–I don’t like feeling like I am not contributing, so I try to work hard.  

Q: In terms of time, what sacrifices have you made to attend law school? What sacrifices have you not made?

Nathan: Never sacrifice family or church callings. I have to sacrifice employment for now in order to fit family, church, the Air Force, and law school all into a day.

Q: What do you do to maintain a sense of peace or even balance in law school? How do you manage stress?

Nathan: I manage stress by putting the most important things first. I try to read scriptures every day and spend time at home. Sometimes that means that I put off test prep until the end of the semester. I feel like a couple of crazy weeks leading up to finals is worth it if I get to spend the rest of the semester less stressed. 

Q: What do you wish you had known when you were a prospective student about what law school would be like?

Nathan: I wish I had known how much of a time commitment the first year would be, but also that it tends to change later in law school. So, don't get discouraged in the beginning.

5:25 Wake up and get ready  5:45 Head to School  6:00 Be in formation for Air Force Physical Training  7:00 Return home, shower, eat, and finish any readings for that day.  9:15 Head to law school  9:30 Class  11:00 Devotional (On Tuesdays)  12:00 Eat while reading  2:45 More classes  5:00 Return home, eat with family, put the kids to bed  7:30 Read for classes  8:15 ROTC Flight Meeting  9:00 Return home, read some more  10:30 Go to bed early to get started again. 

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