Everything You Need to Know About LawX

BYU Law was recently featured by the National Jurist as one of the top 20 Most Innovative Law Schools in the United States for being “on the cutting edge when it comes to preparing students for the future”. This recognition comes due to the start of a new program: LawX.

About LawX

LawX is a new program that will address problems regarding how difficult navigating the law can be for both lawyers and self-representing defendants. Each semester, students will identify one area of the law that can be improved and will then use design thinking to solve the issue. Both 2L and 3L students will have the opportunity to work together to solve the issue at hand using technology, software, business contacts, and more.  The overall goal is to “redesign the law one semester at a time” so that people can better navigate legal issues.

This semester, LawX is working to lower the default rate in Utah. More than half of Utahans don’t have a lawyer nor access to legal help due to financial issues. Therefore, when a claim is filed against them, people don’t know how to respond or get affordable help. Ultimately, this lack of knowledge leads to the defendant losing the lawsuit because they did not respond within the 21 day period. Students who decide to become part of LawX will work on redesigning this area of the law to help people understand their options as they self-represent in their case.

Why LawX?

LawX is looking to make complicated legal processes more straight-forward and stress-free for the average person. The products and solutions created in LawX will benefit many people not only in Utah, but also throughout the United States. Students will also learn about and apply new aspects of the law throughout the design process. Additionally, students will have the opportunity to make the law more accessible for those who cannot afford law services. Therefore, students will make a difference in millions of peoples lives as well as get great experience through this program.

If you are interested in joining this amazing program, please follow @LawXLab on Twitter or the LawX blog.

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