Preparing for Recruiting Season

While you summer focus may be on getting the most out of your externship experience, don’t forget to also prepare for the upcoming fall recruiting season. Following is a list of activities you can do to make sure you are ready to put your best foot forward:

  1. Have your resume reviewed by a member of the Career Services & Professional Development (CSPD) staff.  
  2. Have a cover letter template reviewed by a member of the CSPD staff.
  3. Make sure your resume has been approved in LINX and is ready to be used/uploaded.
  4. Review the current participate employer list and research those you might be interested in applying to.
  5. Consider participating in the Traveling Program (NYC, DC, Dallas, Houston, Southern California and Northern California) the week of August 6th – 10th.
  6. Consider participating in the Las Vegas Job Fair on Sept 8.
  7. Be sure to review the list of employers coming on campus this fall. Check the interview dates and plan your schedule accordingly.
  8. Be sure to review the list of employers that have requested we collect applications.  
  9. While you are at your summer location, network, network, network. Get to know as many people as possible.


The Career Services & Professional Development Office is ready to help answer any questions you may have (801-422-3685).

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