Graduation Spotlight: Sara Jarman

Government service has always been one of Sara Jarman’s, ’19, passions. Whether as an undergraduate political science major, a Senate Page, or a working professional in Washington, D.C., Jarman has consistently looked for ways to incorporate public policy and government service into her experience. Now, as a graduating BYU Law student, Sara hopes to take her government involvement even further.

“In Washington, D.C. I noticed that a lot of the people who seemed to get things done were lawyers,” Jarman remembers. “I realized that if I wanted to go to that next level I would need to go to law school as well.” Since beginning her legal education, Jarman has had the opportunity to broaden her understanding of law and policy in a number of ways.

While studying at BYU Law, Jarman worked in the Salt Lake City District Attorney’s office, assisting with a variety of cases and legal issues. This experience reinforced the importance of government service and public law.

Jarman also had the opportunity to work closely with Professor Eric Jensen researching issues related to women and peacekeeping. The research allowed Sara to explore international women’s rights and the available policy mechanisms to improve the wellbeing of women around the world.

“I enjoy working with people and I love the intersection between law and policy,” Jarman said. Her passion goes beyond the classroom and legal research, and ultimately inspired her to join the U.S. Army JAG Corps. According to Jarman, this position is a unique opportunity that highlights the intersection of law, public policy, and the chance to work with a diverse group of individuals.

Reflecting on her BYU Law experience, Jarman identifies the personal connections she made as one of the highlights. “The connections I have made and the people I have met during my law school experience are far more meaningful than many of the things I have on my résumé,” she said. 

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