Graduation Spotlight: Brittney Herman

Brittney Herman (‘20) has come full circle. She was born in Utah, but moved with her family 15 times, living in 10 different states before returning to Utah to attend BYU Law. Over the years, Brittney has called Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana home, but says that, for her, Utah stands out. “People here are service oriented and inclusive. I have loved living in Utah,” she said.

An English literature major and music minor at Tennessee Technological University, Brittney “hated math growing up” and was surprised to find herself gravitating towards taxation in law school. “I had the opportunity to intern and then work for the IRS and found that I absolutely loved it. Other areas of law are very theoretical; I like that with tax law you can come up with a definitive answer.” 

Dean Christine Hurt has been an influential mentor for Brittney throughout law school. “There are often very few women in tax classes. Dean Hurt has been fantastic, making me feel that I belong in tax and that I have the capability to do what I want to do.” Brittney’s future plans include pursuing a LL.M. in taxation at Georgetown University starting in the Fall 2020 and a clerkship with a US tax court before returning to work for the IRS.

In addition to tax law, she is passionate about raising the standard of sex education laws in the United States. Her 2L year, she launched a nonprofit called We Will, which is focused on the prevention and mitigation of sexual assault. “In states where there are better sex education laws, there are fewer sexual assaults. I love the fact BYU Law has supported me in creating the non-profit, and especially appreciate the professors who have supported me in these endeavors outside of school. It’s just been an amazing experience.”


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