Graduation Spotlight: Cory Fisher

Cory Fisher, ’22, studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate and spent several years working in the technology industry. She always planned to pursue a master’s degree, but figured it would be in engineering. “When I found out about patent law, I was convinced I had found the perfect career,” she says. “I really enjoyed studying for the LSAT,” she says. “I’ve always been very analytical and the logic games section was by far my favorite.” 

At BYU Law, Fisher gravitated towards classes in intellectual property. “I like the puzzle-solving aspect of patent law,” she says. “I find it interesting to try to figure out how to frame a patent in order to get the best possible result for a client. BYU Law has some amazing professors in this field and quite a few practical IP classes.” Fisher has passed the United States Patent and Trademark Office Registration Examination and after graduation will join Keller Preece, a boutique firm specializing in intellectual property law located in North Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Although she is excited to take this next step, Fisher hopes to maintain connections with her peers and professors at BYU Law. “’I remember that at the beginning of 1L year, students would all take a giant breath before going through the door to class because we knew what was coming. By the end of the semester, we had all increased in confidence. It’s been fun to see the transition in myself and in my classmates. I also bonded with many of the professors and some will be lifelong friends. I felt like I had a home here.”


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