Technology and The Lawyer’s Craft

“QR codes are like blind dates! You don’t find out until it’s too late that you’ve been taken to a website with malware – you’ve got to trust the source,” warned Professor Nick Hafen (’19), the Law School’s new Head of Legal Technology Education. Hafen was a member of the first cohort of students participating in the Law X program, where he designed the self-help software tool SoloSuit. Hafen shared how the Savior, a craftsman, surely used tools—yet his ministry was not successful because he used tools well; rather, his ability to frame questions and point to where to find answers defined his timeless instruction for all. In this way, the Law School’s Legal Technology Initiative focuses on teaching technology principles that prepare students to approach new technology without fear because they know how to ask questions and find answers. Hafen’s workshops include Word Processing Basics for Lawyers, Working with PDFs, Document Automation Fundamentals and Cybersecurity and Data Privacy. BYU Law graduates move on to a variety of careers with a foundation of tech competence and the confidence to embrace new technology.

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