Mallorie Mecham and Sam Stoddard: Leveraging Tech in Your Legal Career

“Technology isn’t coming for you!” Sam Stoddard, cofounder and CEO of legal software company SimpleCitizen, assured BYU Law students. He joined Mallorie Mecham, ‘18, an associate at immigration law firm Fragomen, in championing the integration of technology into the practice of law. Both were eager to demonstrate how technology adopters become more efficient, effective attorneys. Mecham shared how using SimpleCitizen software in her immigration practice has reduced her administrative workload and improved the accuracy of critical data she relies on. She illustrated how technology has streamlined Fragomen’s extensive pro bono work by recounting the experience of four firm lawyers who were able to help 18 people complete immigration applications in a single day using specially designed software. Ordinarily, completing an immigration application requires over 35 hours of lawyer and paralegal time. Reflecting on this success, Stoddard emphasized: “legal tech enhances an attorney’s efforts, it doesn’t replace them.”

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