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Second-year BYU Law students share their advice for first-year law students, including what they wish they had known when they started 1L year.

Annual SBA Talent Show

The SBA hosted the annual talent show for the BYU Law School on March 17th, 2016. Watch the video below to get a taste of all the fun performances:    

BYU Law announces the 2016 Clark Scholars recipients:

BYU Law announces the 2016 Clark Scholars who will be awarded a full-tuition scholarship and a $5,000 yearly stipend for the three years they attend law school: Amy Andrus Maura Bochte Nicholas Hafen Brok Humbert Laura Hunt Neal Monson Wright Noel Daniel Quarnberg Thomas Stockard Aubri Thomas In addition to financial support, the students will […]

Bronwen Dromey: An Advocate for the Voiceless

If you think the name Bronwen Dromey is one of the most unique names you have heard, just wait until you hear her story. Dromey, a student at BYU Law, has traveled across the world to give service. Her passion for helping others is manifest in what she chose to study at BYU before starting law school: […]

Ashley Smith: Mother, Singer, and Law Student

Tragedy struck Ashley Smith in 2004 when her husband of two years died in a helicopter accident. Living in South Carolina as a 22 year-old widow, she found herself alone and on the brink of traveling to different states, such as Tennessee and New York, to pursue a music career. After completing various gigs, such as […]

Elise Faust: High School Teacher to Law Student

Elise Faust is a first-year law student at BYU Law School. Before coming to BYU Law, she earned a Bachelor’s degree in History and a minor in English at BYU.  She then followed her love of learning to Columbia University where she earned her Master’s degree in Social Science teaching. After attending Columbia, Elise served an […]

Jacob McRae: Breeding Mastiffs and Attending Law School

Growing up on a farm and working hard for every penny he ever earned, 2L Jacob McRae decided he wanted a better return on his investment. Since his family has plenty of land in Idaho, Jacob decided to try something new: running a dog breeding business to earn money. “It was kind of cool because I […]

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