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Annual Law & Religion Lecture

“The solution to conflict is to protect the rights of both sides,” said Douglas Laycock at the Annual Law and Religion Lecture. A Distinguished Professor from the University of Virginia School of Law and one of the nation’s leading authorities on law and religion, Laycock’s address centered on the recent Masterpiece Cakeshop Supreme Court case. […]

BYU Law Annual Supreme Court Review

As part of its commitment to constitutional legal scholarship, BYU Law hosted its annual Supreme Court Review—an examination of important cases, notable decisions, and changes to the composition of the Court. This year we were joined by students, alumni attending Reunion Weekend events, and faculty as we discussed 2018’s most important legal developments. Judge Kavanaugh: […]

Future of Law with Aileen A. Schultz

“Legal innovation is global,” said Aileen A. Schultz, Director of Network Intelligence at Integra Ledger and Co-Founder of the Global Legal Hackathon (GLH). Speaking at BYU Law’s first Future of Law lecture of the school year, Schultz addressed the role of law in the technology and innovation industry. Drawing on her experience, Schultz explained that the […]

Welcome, Class of 2021!

Last week, 100 new law students were introduced to the next three years of their lives as the class of 2021 was welcomed to BYU Law. The annual Intro to Law orientation began with words from Wendy Archibald, Dean of Students. “Look around the room,” she said. “These are strangers now… but mark my words, […]

Inspiring Leadership: Mentoring High School Students

Law students are accustomed to rigorous coursework, challenging internships, and complex issues. This year, some will tackle an entirely different challenge: serving as grad mentors and supervising high school students during the annual BYU Civics, Law, and Leadership Youth Camp.  “My role is to enable students to succeed,” said J.R. Iler, a third-year law student […]

Preparing for Recruiting Season

While you summer focus may be on getting the most out of your externship experience, don’t forget to also prepare for the upcoming fall recruiting season. Following is a list of activities you can do to make sure you are ready to put your best foot forward: Have your resume reviewed by a member of […]

5 Keys to Success on the LSAT

1—Focus on the last 20 tests Put in the time to master the fundamental skills on all three sections of the LSAT. Now is the time to take (and retake) the most recent 20 Actual Official LSAT Preptests (Tests 63-83). They are the best source for what you are likely to see on the LSAT. […]

Make This Spring & Summer a Success!

Spring is here, and classes are over! Most of you have an externship or clerkship during which you will learn some aspects of the practice of law. Many of you will be in your target geographic location, but even if you are not, using your summer experiences to learn the trade and expand your network […]

BYU Law 2018 Graduation

Graduating law students gathered with the rest of the university for Commencement on April 26 and listened to Elder Jeffrey R. Holland urge them to leave BYU and go out to provide a light in the world. “You have entered to learn,” he said. “Now go forth to serve and strengthen.” On April 27, graduates […]

Graduation Spotlight: Lisha Lisonbee

SBA President, Trial Advocacy, Journal of Public Law Lisha Lisonbee loved the mountains and wildlife and thought she found the perfect fit when she started college as a wildlife ecology and management major. Her dream of herding bison remained strong, but an English class sparked a new interest. “One day I had a debate in an […]

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