Top 3 Resume Building Tips

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Resumes are vital this time of year as law students explore summer externships or job opportunities after graduation. Beth Hansen, Career Services Director, gives her top tips for building a solid resume:

1. Details are everything:

  • Spelling counts: “Reuben” not “Rueben”
  • Don’t use abbreviations
  • Double check capitalization: the “d” on “Latter-day Saints” should be lower-case
  • Small errors can show disinterest

2. Make it readable:

  • Layout should be vertically pleasing to the eye
  • Use centered margins
  • Don’t have extra space, but use enough white space
  • Don’t use filler words
  • Look out for spacing discrepancies
  • Clean and easy to read — lawyers read quickly and are pressed for time

3. Patterns and consistency:

  • Don’t use these personal pronouns: I, me, or my
  • Use the same format throughout resume
  • Stay away from a resume creator
  • Font usage: Sans Serif text for online resumes and Serif fonts for print resumes


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Additional Resources:

  • Alumni Mentor Program
  • Lunching with Lawyers Program
  • Professional Development Lecture Series Class & Skills Training Class
  • Pathways Mentor Program
  • 1L Mock/Practice Interview Fair – mid November
  • Annual Winter Job Fair – January
  • Early Interviewing Programs – August
  • Solo Practice Seminar – mid March
  • Visit BYU Law’s Career Services website for more resources.

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