The North Korean and Yemen Crises

North Korea Terror, Yemen’s Humanitarian Crisis on Top of Mind.

“President Trump has added North Korea to the list of “state sponsors of terrorism,” which clears the way for additional sanctions against the regime’s nuclear program. And the United Nation’s humanitarian envoy to Yemen this week said Saudi Arabia is violating international law there. Associate Professor of Law, Eric Jensen, comments on the situations in North Korea and Yemen.”

The United States has listed North Korea as a state sponsor of terrorism. According to Professor Jensen, this means that the United States sees North Korea as a place that promotes acts of terror, not necessarily that they are harboring terror groups within the country. This list is created by the Secretary of State and it applies sanctions and laws to trade with North Korea. North Korea has been on and off the list throughout the years, and was only removed from the list in 2008 as a way to increase trade and goodwill.

With regards to the Yemen situation, professor Jensen states that the blockage enforced by Saudi Arabia is in violation of international law. The Saudi Arabian government is currently  blockading all ports to Yemen, including humanitarian aid. According to international law, they can blockade in times of war, but they cannot prevent humanitarian assistance from coming in to the country. With Yemen on the brink of a famine crisis, this blockade could escalate the issues present there.



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