Involved Faculty, Vast Alumni Network, and Great Value Brought Kyle Watkins to BYU Law

My decision to come to law school came at an early age after working for a juvenile court, a sheriff’s office, and a county attorney’s office. These experiences confirmed that law was the right career path for me. Whenever someone asks me how they can know if they should go to law school, my answer is always to get some experience—only experience in the field will let you know if it is right for you. Even if this is just following a lawyer around for a day, or going to your local courthouse to see how things are done–it will help you know if the law is right for you.

My decision to come to BYU was easy. I was accepted to nine different schools, but only BYU had everything I was looking for. First, they have involved faculty. I have not met a single professor at BYU Law who does not take an interest in my career. They aren’t just teaching to fulfill a requirement so they can publish their scholarship, they are teaching because they have a genuine interest in their students. This is the same for the alumni. There is a vast network of BYU Law alumni in every part of the country willing to talk with you and help in any way they can. No matter what path you want to take, you will be able to find alumni in that field willing to talk to you, give you advice, and point you in the right direction.

The other thing on my list was a good value education. This is what BYU Law gives you. Compared to other schools, tuition at BYU is unbelievably affordable. Coming out of school with so little debt will open many doors because you can focus on getting the job that best fits you instead of being limited to options that pay enough to service a high debt load. The other thing that I love about BYU is the study carrel. A desk where you can keep your books and have your own space is extremely helpful in maintaining a good school-life balance.I can do school at school, and when I am at home I can focus on my family. All in all, BYU checked every box on my list, and I have never regretted my decision to come to BYU Law.

Kyle Watkins

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