Gaining Purpose and Perspective Through the Law

As a prospective student, I walked away from the recent Women in Law Luncheon featuring alumna Karin Hoops Berg (‘03) feeling empowered and hopeful. Berg, a bankruptcy lawyer in the Chicago office of Katten Muchin Rosenman, spoke about her journey to law school and how her law degree allowed her to gain purpose and perspective in life.The skills Berg developed in law school have opened doors of opportunity and directed her purpose. Some of these skills include her ability to think like a lawyer and ask the right questions. 20180201_WILluncheon_3170

According to Berg, it was only through her legal education that she was able to find her voice. A voice, she noted, she didn’t realize she had prior to law school but one that has allowed her to become a successful and admired lawyer, mother, and friend. Berg’s legal education has also allowed her to serve as a “connector” in ways she couldn’t have accomplished without her legal training. Her knowledge of the law and how it works enables her to help people through challenging situations and direct them to the right people and resources.

What resonated with me, as a student who is interested in gaining more purpose and perspective, was Berg’s emphasis on staying open to all the opportunities that await. I have often felt, as I have considered law school, that my options may become limited. Berg’s address was a good reminder that a law degree expands opportunities, not only for employment but also for growth as a person.


For a short recap on Berg’s message, click the link  below.



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    Many congratulations for this achievement, it is a very human task that is proposed by helping to help other people and direct them to the necessary resources, the attitude that is acquired when studying law is to serve others to be an example of personal improvement, It is very beautiful what it says and happens. Thank you.

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