5 Keys to Success on the LSAT

1—Focus on the last 20 tests Put in the time to master the fundamental skills on all three sections of the LSAT. Now is the time to take (and retake) the most recent 20 Actual Official LSAT Preptests (Tests 63-83). They are the best source for what you are likely to see on the LSAT. […]

Gaining Purpose and Perspective Through the Law

As a prospective student, I walked away from the recent Women in Law Luncheon featuring alumna Karin Hoops Berg (‘03) feeling empowered and hopeful. Berg, a bankruptcy lawyer in the Chicago office of Katten Muchin Rosenman, spoke about her journey to law school and how her law degree allowed her to gain purpose and perspective […]

Involved Faculty, Vast Alumni Network, and Great Value Brought Kyle Watkins to BYU Law

My decision to come to law school came at an early age after working for a juvenile court, a sheriff’s office, and a county attorney’s office. These experiences confirmed that law was the right career path for me. Whenever someone asks me how they can know if they should go to law school, my answer […]

BYU Law Accepting the GRE

In a Move Designed to Expand Access to Legal Education, BYU Law Announces it Will Accept the GRE for Current Applicants PROVO, Utah, Nov. 20, 2017— BYU Law School announced today that it will begin accepting GRE scores for applicants to its class entering in the fall of 2018. BYU Law Dean Gordon Smith explained […]

When Should I Take the LSAT?

Here’s a question you may be asking yourself: which administration of the LSAT you should take? It’s a common question, but the answer depends a lot on you, your goals, and what’s going on in your life right now. An early administration of the LSAT, September/October or December, is usually preferable because many schools do […]

10 Signs You’re Living with a Law Student

What's it like to live with a law student? The BYU Law Spouse Association provides a humorous list of 10 signs you're living with a law student.

Advice for 3Ls

Recently graduated BYU Law students share their advice for successfully managing the final year of law school.

Advice for 2Ls

Third-year BYU Law students share their advice for second-year law students, including what they wish they had known when they started 2L year.

Advice for 1Ls

Second-year BYU Law students share their advice for first-year law students, including what they wish they had known when they started 1L year.

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