Graduation Spotlight: Ryan Lewis

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While participating in a summer externship at Davis Polk in New York, BYU Law student Ryan Lewis was introduced to blockchain: an algorithm and distributed data structure for managing electronic cash without a central administrator. According to Lewis, blockchain is a complicated way of decentralizing the power of central bodies that control the things we do in our lives (i.e., banks, colleges, etc.).

Lewis’s interest in blockchain motivated him to organize the BYU Blockchain Summit with 23 speakers from seven states and over 250 attendees. Since the event, Lewis reported that he has “connected with hundreds of folks in the industry, researched and published articles on blockchain and securities laws, and joined several blockchain projects in an advisory role.” He is currently advising four companies about blockchain.RYAN

In addition to finding a passion for blockchain during law school, Lewis has participated in Law Review, Jessup International Moot Court, LawMeets Transactional Legal Drafting and Negotiation Competition, LawX, and the Law and Entrepreneurship Clinic.

“I came to law school with no experience in or comfort with networking,” he said. “But as I’ve pursued my personal and professional goals and developed my interests and areas of expertise, I’ve developed an incredible network that continues to bring me new opportunities almost daily that I could never have dreamed would be available to someone in my position.”

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Lewis noted that his time at BYU Law changed him. “[Law school] focused my energies,” he said. “I’m much more effective now at identifying goals for the day/week/semester/life and executing. At first, I was driven by the overwhelming fear of failure. But as I’ve progressed, this has been entirely replaced by the recognition of my potential and the bounty of opportunities that are available, thanks in large part to my association with BYU Law.”

After graduation, Lewis will return to Davis Polk in New York where he will join their Capital Markets practice. “I see myself bringing a strong understanding of business and finance to my legal practice to serve clients as a true counsel and not just a contract drafter,” he said.





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