Graduation Spotlight: Scott Balsmeier

Scott Balsmeier, ’19, learned the value of hard work and investing in family relationships as he worked at his family’s janitorial services company throughout his childhood. When he was 13 years old, Balsmeier’s father unexpectedly passed away. He was left with a strong work ethic as well as his father’s example of resilience and persistence.  

After graduating from high school, Balsmeier worked at a variety of jobs, including at an educational publishing company and a wireless telecommunications company. After several years of clocking in for various employers, he decided to attend college and pursue a business degree in order to better provide for his own family. He was the first person in his family to graduate from college.

“I wanted to ensure that I was prepared to be the best I can to provide for [my family’s] needs. My education has helped me to do that,” Balsmeier said.

Balsmeier didn’t go to college expecting to be an example to his siblings, but since then, he has a brother who studied actuarial science, another brother studying engineering, a sister studying business, and another sister pursuing a degree in social work. Balsmeier may have been the first, but he is thrilled to see his siblings continuing the trend as they invest in their college experience.

“Our work ethic has gotten us a long way. We’ve all been successful at whatever it is we strive to do, but we make sure that we better ourselves personally and intellectually,” Balsmeier said.

While pursuing an undergraduate degree, Balsmeier found himself sitting in a business law class, fascinated by the relationship between law and business. His curiosity was peaked and it wouldn’t be satisfied until he was in law school.

“When I told my family that I had decided to go to law school, I was especially touched by the response of my mother who told me that my father would be proud of me [and] proud of who I am becoming. That statement…has guided me through the last three years of law school,” Balsmeier said.

During his time at BYU Law, Balsmeier participated in a variety of experiences including LawX, BYU’s legal design lab, and a current internship with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in Washington, D.C. These experiences opened his eyes to the ways a legal education can help businesses navigate complex legal issues.

Balsmeier is grateful for the experiences and relationships he’s developed at BYU Law.

“I came to law school knowing I’d have classmates, and I feel like I’m coming away with a large family,” Balsmeier said. “I consider many of my classmates, faculty, and staff part of my family. I care deeply about them.” 

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