Whitney Johnson on Personal Disruption

What if you had the power to increase your odds of success by six times? Whitney Johnson, innovation and disruption theorist, taught BYU Law students at a Law & Leadership lecture the power of disrupting yourself through the following seven tips. Johnson explained that “disruptive innovation follows a framework and when you pursue a disruptive course your odds of success are six times higher and your revenue opportunity 20 times greater.”

7 Accelerants of Learning & Growth

  1. Identify the right risks—find the place for you to play where no one is playing.
  2. Play to individuals’ distinctive strengths—we tend to overvalue what we’re not and undervalue what we are. Discovering our real strengths allows us to be in a place where we can truly thrive.
  3. Embrace constraints—constraints force you to innovate and create.
  4. Battle against entitlement—while recognizing your strengths, don’t assume you deserve something because staying comfortable keeps you from disrupting.
  5. Step back to grow—“Think of a slingshot: it creates forward impetus with a backward pull.”
  6. Give failure its due—If you ditch the shame that comes from failure, you will be free to make mistakes and grow.
  7. Be discovery-driven—with each new discovery you make about yourself, be willing to alter your plan.

Learn more about her books Build an A-Team: Play to Their Strengths and Lead Them Up the Learning Curve and Disrupt Yourself™: Putting the Power of Disruptive Innovation to Work through https://whitneyjohnson.com/books/.

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