Jill Marchant on the Importance of Women in the Law

BYU Law was pleased to welcome Jill Marchant (‘90) to its annual Women in Law Luncheon as the keynote speaker. The luncheon is part of BYU Law’s ongoing effort to highlight the contributions of women in the law and share their experiences of inspiring leadership.

Jill Marchant attended Brigham Young University for both her undergraduate and legal education. After nearly 30 years of experience in law and business, Marchant was hired in 2018 to serve as executive vice president and general counsel for Hallmark. “Jill brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to this role, which will serve Hallmark well,” said Dave Hall, president of Hallmark Cards.

Speaking to more than one hundred students, alumni, and friends, Marchant addressed the topic of maintaining self-worth in a competitive environment: “I remember thinking that everyone was better, smarter, and more likely to succeed than I was. If you have experienced uncertainty or a lack of confidence then you are not alone.” She encouraged students to keep a long-term perspective. “If you believe your worth is tied to your class rank or success in college, you are wrong,” she said. “Your worth is so much more.”

Marchant also spoke of her professional path as a woman in the law, and the difficulties that arise while trying to climb a traditional career ladder. Instead, she encouraged students to adopt the “jungle gym” approach made famous by Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg. “Replace the ladder with the jungle gym,” Marchant remarked. “It offers more creative exploration, and there are many different ways to get to the top. A jungle gym allows us to move up, left, right, and even down, as we make our way to our goal.”

Ultimately, Marchant encouraged attendees to be something more: “Be a woman in the law who is not remembered for how much she achieved, but for how much she cared.”

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