Author: Rachel Edwards

Melinda Bowen: Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Legal Profession

For Melinda Bowen, working as the executive director of the Utah Center for Legal Inclusion (UCLI) is particularly meaningful; Bowen not only helped found the Center in 2017, she considers it “a passion project.” UCLI is a nonprofit dedicated to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in Utah’s legal community. “We want to create a space […]

BYU Law Welcomes New Faculty

BYU Law is pleased to welcome two excellent additions to our already exceptional faculty: Bradley Rebeiro and Lucy Williams.  Rebeiro, who received a BA in Political Science from BYU, holds a JD from BYU Law, and is completing a PhD in Constitutional Studies and Political Theory at the University of Notre Dame, joins us this […]

Alusine Conteh: Giving Back and Making an Impact

Alusine Conteh (2L) is originally from Sierra Leone, West Africa. He is vice president of BYU Law’s Black Law Students Association and a member of the BYU Law Trial Advocacy Team. Alusine has interned with the Utah Supreme Court and Hayes Godfrey Bell, PC, and has served as a faculty research assistant and student ambassador. […]

Simone Aldredge Senior (‘20) says Black History Month has always been meaningful to her family. “I have parents that made Black history very important in our home and because of their influence, it’s important to me,” she says. Being raised in a home filled with artwork and sculpture depicting African culture helped Senior feel connected […]

“I’m not a person who says we should be colorblind. We should celebrate people for who they are. Black History Month is an opportunity for non-Black Americans to learn about some of the great history that is all of our history,” says Timothy Overton (‘07). “There are countless heroic stories about Black Americans that most people […]

New Book Explores the Relationship Between Memory and Justice

In his forthcoming book, The Scales of Memory: Constitutional Justice and the Burdens of the Past, Justin Collings, Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at BYU Law, considers the role that memory plays in constitutional interpretation by posing the question, “Does memory drive judicial outcomes, merely justify them, or do […]

1L Spotlight: Oliver Yun

Oliver Yun, 1L, grew up outside of Beijing, China, and started learning English in elementary school. “My English was so bad,” he remembers, “I couldn’t spell the most basic words.” In fact, Oliver describes himself as a “pretty bad” student all the way from elementary school to the first year of high school. “I didn’t […]

1L Spotlight: Marne Pehrson

First year law student Marne Pehrson, earned her undergraduate degree in exercise science at the University of Utah and was working in a small, privately-owned gym and training center for older adults when she was inspired to pursue her master’s degree in gerontology. “I loved the people I worked with!” she says. “Oftentimes, they are […]

1L Spotlight: Ozzie Buhendwa

Ozzie Buhendwa, first-year law student at BYU Law, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but when he was a young child, civil war forced his family to seek refuge in Nairobi, Kenya. “That’s where my memories and my schooling begin,” he says. During high school, Ozzie enjoyed sports, especially soccer, more than academics. […]

1L Spotlight: Alexandra Trombitas

Alexandra Trombitas, a 1L at BYU Law, has been wanting to go to law school for a very long time.  While earning her undergraduate degree at Loyola University Chicago in economics and political science, she worked as an administrative assistant—and later as a paralegal—for a firm specializing in worker’s compensation and personal injury law. “All […]

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