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Graduation Spotlight: Eyad Alsamhan

For Judge Eyad Alsamhan (‘22), pursuing the LLM from BYU Law is the fulfillment of a long term goal.  After receiving graduate degrees in intellectual property law from the University of Jordan, in Amman Jordan and from Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland, he became one of the youngest judges ever appointed to the Jordinian […]

Graduation Spotlight: Marianna Richardson

“One of my passions has always been education. I love to learn, but I also love to teach and to educate others,” says Marianna Richardson, ’22.  After earning a bachelor’s degree in English literature from BYU, Richardson went on to have 12 children with her husband of forty-five years, Stephen D. Richardson. During these years […]

Graduation Spotlight: Kate Raynor

“Law school is a great jumping off point for any path one might want to pursue,” says Kate Raynor, ’22. “I always tell people, ‘you can get where you want to go from BYU Law.’” Prior to law school, Raynor interned with Human Rights Without Frontiers International, a nonprofit in Brussels, Belgium, that seeks to […]

Graduation Spotlight: Cory Fisher

Cory Fisher, ’22, studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate and spent several years working in the technology industry. She always planned to pursue a master’s degree, but figured it would be in engineering. “When I found out about patent law, I was convinced I had found the perfect career,” she says. “I really enjoyed studying […]

Graduation Spotlight: Christoper Melling

Prior to law school Christopher Melling, ’22, spent 13 years as an officer, pilot and forward air controller for the United States Marine Corps. Melling’s military service has been an advantage to him in many ways. In addition to the financial support he received while pursuing his law degree, Melling has found that a lot […]

Graduation Spotlight: Brock Mason

What is the place of religion in public life? For Brock Mason, ‘22, this question was at the center of dissertation for his PhD in philosophy from Fordham University and a central reason he came to BYU Law. A highlight for Mason during law school was working as a research fellow at BYU Law’s International […]

1L Spotlight: Kendyl Tolley Bench

The last few years have been eventful for 1L Kendyl Tolley Bench, but she wouldn’t have it any other way. In 2017, she made the decision to pursue her life-long goal of attending law school. “After ten years of marriage, I was divorced in 2017,” says the mom of four. “I realized then that I […]

1L Spotlight: Roberto Estrada Maldonado

Up until the day before 1L Roberto “Luis” Estrada Maldonado arrived at BYU Law, he was working as a tax and corporate lawyer for Arias Law, a leading global business law firm with offices throughout Central America. Luis, who was born and raised in Guatemala City, Guatemala, is one of two international students in the […]

1L Spotlight: Tatenda Makanza

“I have always been interested in human rights and trying to help people,” says 1L Tatenda Makanza. A native of Zimbabwe, Tatenda earned a bachelor’s degree in political science and peace and global studies at Earlham College in Richmond, Indiana. She went on to earn two master’s degrees: the first in political science from the […]

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