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New Book Explores the Relationship Between Memory and Justice

In his forthcoming book, The Scales of Memory: Constitutional Justice and the Burdens of the Past, Justin Collings, Associate Dean for Research and Academic Affairs and Professor of Law at BYU Law, considers the role that memory plays in constitutional interpretation by posing the question, “Does memory drive judicial outcomes, merely justify them, or do […]

1L Spotlight: Oliver Yun

Oliver Yun, 1L, grew up outside of Beijing, China, and started learning English in elementary school. “My English was so bad,” he remembers, “I couldn’t spell the most basic words.” In fact, Oliver describes himself as a “pretty bad” student all the way from elementary school to the first year of high school. “I didn’t […]

1L Spotlight: Marne Pehrson

First year law student Marne Pehrson, earned her undergraduate degree in exercise science at the University of Utah and was working in a small, privately-owned gym and training center for older adults when she was inspired to pursue her master’s degree in gerontology. “I loved the people I worked with!” she says. “Oftentimes, they are […]

1L Spotlight: Ozzie Buhendwa

Ozzie Buhendwa, first-year law student at BYU Law, was born in the Democratic Republic of Congo, but when he was a young child, civil war forced his family to seek refuge in Nairobi, Kenya. “That’s where my memories and my schooling begin,” he says. During high school, Ozzie enjoyed sports, especially soccer, more than academics. […]

1L Spotlight: Alexandra Trombitas

Alexandra Trombitas, a 1L at BYU Law, has been wanting to go to law school for a very long time.  While earning her undergraduate degree at Loyola University Chicago in economics and political science, she worked as an administrative assistant—and later as a paralegal—for a firm specializing in worker’s compensation and personal injury law. “All […]

BYU Law Students Shine in 2020 Linda J. Anderson Trial Advocacy Competition

  Since 2018, BYU Law’s Trial Advocacy program has been preparing students to become highly skilled future courtroom litigators by teaching trial advocacy in a hands-on, active learning environment.  Consisting of regular training sessions with seasoned attorneys, drills, and meaningful coaching, the Trial Advocacy program is focused on creating a seamless transition between the study of law […]

Farrah Pepper Speaks on Leadership and Innovation in Legal Tech

Farrah Pepper, lifelong New Yorker and double-NYU graduate (College of Arts & Science, B.A. and NYU School of Law, J.D.) is passionate about using legal technology to solve business challenges, create enterprise value, and reduce risk. The BYU Law community was recently privileged to hear from Pepper at the Future of Law Forum where she […]

Graduation Spotlight: Alex Westenskow

  “I love seeing how legislation works,” says Alex Westenskow, ’20. “I love the process—it’s frustrating, awful, and interesting.” Which is one reason why Westenskow studied law. “I made the goal to attend BYU Law in 2011. Even though life hit and stuff happened, I just kept pushing until everything lined up,” he says. Prior […]

Graduation Spotlight: Brittney Herman

Brittney Herman (‘20) has come full circle. She was born in Utah, but moved with her family 15 times, living in 10 different states before returning to Utah to attend BYU Law. Over the years, Brittney has called Tennessee, Texas, and Louisiana home, but says that, for her, Utah stands out. “People here are service […]

Graduation Spotlight: Rhonda K. Peck

When Rhonda Peck (‘20) served as President of the Student Bar Association (2018-19), her primary focus was on building a cohesive student community; so she threw herself a birthday party and invited everyone at the law school to attend. “I love bringing people together and creating opportunities for people to build relationships and friendships,” she […]

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